Kpong Krnl Key is a very common query used by Roblox players on the web and on YouTube. But there is very little explanation on the web about what exactly a Kpong KRNL Key is. So, let’s discuss a little about it today.

    Kpong KRNL key is a link basically that the developers created so that they could bypass the KRNL Key process. The Key has been available since more than a year and gamers have been using it ever since to access the KRNL key in a jiffy.

    The usage of KRNL key saves people a lot of time. You can also download it quite easily from a third-part website which goes by the name Linkvertise.

    You can download the key in no time using the following steps:

    1. The first step is to download and install KRNL on your device, be it a PC or desktop or Mac.
    2. After successfully installing KRNL on the device, you have to launch it.
    3. Now go to the ineterface and click on the ‘Other‘ tab which is located in the navigation menu.
    4. Now, you will see “Get a Key” option. Click on that.
    5. When you click on this button, you will be redirected to the Linkvertise website.
    6. Once you land on the website, make sure to click on the “Free Access with Ads” button.
    7. This button will make you watch ads for a few seconds before closing it. After that, click on the Discover Interesting Articles window which will be clearly marked by an X.
    8. Now, you can click on Discover Related Topics after which you have to watch ads for at least 3 seconds.
    9. After the ads get over, close the window. Then click on the “Continue to C3′ button.
    10. Once you click on this, you will be asked to solve a captcha.
    11. After you solve the captcha, the process needs to be repeated again.
    12. After repeating this several times, the process gets completed. On completion of the whole thing, you get the KRNL Key form the Linkvertise site.
    13. After obtaining the key you can copy it.
    14. After going back to the KRNL window, you have to paste the script. And you are done!

    However, it has to be stated that this key obtained from linkvertise does not always work. Clikcing on the link multiple times too does not yield any result. Hence, it is not a foolproof system to be sure.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that, when you use Kpong KRNL Keyc link to bypass the whole KRNL Key site procedure, then more often than not, you can end up with viruses and malware on your device. This can be quite harmful.

    One last thing, the link with linkvertise might not always work. In that case, you have to download UBlock Origin, an extension file to your Chrome. While using this, it will also lead you to the linkvertise website and you have to follow the steps from here but the link obtained this way mostly works for the users.