How many times have you tried to enter a site just to find that your network blocks access to it? It might be while you are trying to watch a movie on a different site or trying to download something.

    This is where proxy servers come into aid. Croxyproxy Youtube is the best among these and help you gain free entry into sites that you want anonymously. It is the best alternative to a VPN, an it is also free of cost. Let us get into the details of this site.

    The main advantages of CroxyProxy when compared to other the proxy sites available as well as VPN services:

    • Proxy servers allows access to most of the sites and video applications that otherwise might have trouble opening.
    • It works perfectly on any video websites, including as a YouTube Proxy.
    • The web proxy traffic is basically a regular traffic just like the HTTP ones. It cannot be detected easily.
    • You do not need to pass all the traffic of your internet through the proxy, only a single site at a time can be opened.
    • There are no prerequisites needed.
    • There is no need for any configuration either. It simply works as a proxy browser.
    • The basic version of croxyproxyYoutube is available online and can be downloaded free of charge.

    Proxy servers work by hiding your real IP address, hence you can open any site and use them anonymously. This protects all your personal information. Croxyproxy actually works in a wonderful way. When you access the proxy website and access a site, the destination site cannot see your real IP address because the proxy server is like an adjacent pipe. The internet service provider, on the other hand do not see the proxy site address, it only sees the destination site. This is how normally proxy servers work.

    When you compare several proxy sites like hiload, proxyfree, hide me proxy, etc. you can find that croxyproxy is the best of them all. Why? It supports video and audio streaming unlike some other proxy servers and is quite fast. It also does not break down most web applications like the other proxy servers do.

    The main features include:

    • It allows you to surf through the internet anonymously, all the while hiding your real IP address.
    • It makes the websites that you access all SSL encrypted. So no data can be accessed from the outside.
    • There is also a Permalink feature to enable sharing of pages that you opened with your friends.
    • It can used very conveniently on any system. It can enabled through an IOS or an android, making it available to everyone.
    • It supports HTML5 video fully. It also has audio playback support thus making this the best proxy server ever.

    CroxyProxy is still in the beta stage, hence there might be glitches or wrong mechanisms due to bugs present in the algorithm. The functions might be a little wobbly sometimes, but they do update it regularly to provide the user with the best experience.